Saturday, May 8, 2010

Creating art with a specific story

During my visit at the MS clinic to schedule my second MRI series to look for spinal lesions, I was encouraged by my neurologist's assistant to submit some art to their "Living with MS" art exhibit this June. Even though I do not have a diagnosis for my weird constellation of neurological symptoms, she said as a patient in the clinic I ought to give it a whirl.

In developing this image I found myself relating to the iconic image painted by Andrew Wyeth in "Christina's World." While I haven't settled on a title, I have developed a brief description for the painting specifically for the show:

"The artist looks longingly at the mountains through an invisible barrier between herself and the activity she had just begun to enjoy before her untimely side-lining. Inspired by Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's World," an enigmatic painting of longing and determination, the artist might be asking: Is there a way that those hills and peaks can once again become the artist's domain?"

Possible name: "Invisible Barrier"

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Texasjune said...

Deb, I love this painting! It has so much depth and emotion and the work is beautiful. I hope you'll publish more of your work soon to share.